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Opening this quilt business has been a passion of mine since 2006. I have taken longarm technique courses at Hershey, Pennsylvania's Quilt Odyssey & Heartbeat Quilting in Spokane Valley, Washington and I continue with online monthly courses. I am an engineer by study and now quilt full time.

I live and breathe all things quilty. I love teaching this technical art form, helping all age groups succeed. 


When you come to me for classes or for quilting, you will see sewing from a slightly different angle than you have experienced in the past. I love tools!! You will get to see what I use for accuracy and speed, and how I apply my engineering skills. Utility and technical meet creativity!


Longarm quilting takes the top, backing fabric and batting, sewing them together into a quilt "sandwich".

My Gammill, upgraded with Statler automation, allows me to professionally finish a queen sized quilt in hours, rather than days.

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