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about Wendy

For many years, Wendy Crispin had a successful career using her mechanical engineering degree. Quilting was just a hobby — something she did on the side to decompress from a stressful workday. But she quickly fell in love with it and began quilting for family and friends.

Little did she know when she picked up this hobby that her engineering background would actually lead perfectly into longarm quilting. Creating designs in the computerized sewing machine is a breeze for her, plus she gets to use her creative side to create a beautiful work of art for customers.

Wendy has been creating quilts from her home or renting space in another studio since 2002.  Always a learner, she’s taken longarm technique courses in Hershey, Pennsylvania at Quilt Odyssey and Heartbeat Quilting in Spokane Valley, Washington. She also takes monthly online courses to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and programs.


In 2022 she was able to move into her own storefront in Post Falls, Idaho where she houses two longarm sewing machines, sells sewing supplies, and meets wonderful customers who bring her beautiful quilt tops to finish.


She’d love to talk with you about what you’ve created and help you finish your quilt!

about Crispin Studios

Here at Crispin Studios, we provide professional longarm quilting services on our two Gammill sewing machines.


Longarm quilting takes the quilt top, backing fabric and batting, sewing together this quilt "sandwich" to complete your quilt.

One of the sewing machines has a 26-inch throat and the other with a 31-inch throat giving us plenty of space for your largest quilting projects.


Each of our Gammill longarm quilting machines is mounted on a 12 -ft or 14 ft steel frame and has Statler automation with Ascend, the most current upgrade. This allows for even king-sized quilts to be completed in hours, not days.

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Our love isn't just in helping others complete their quilt, we also sell completed quilts! 

We've collaborated with Northwest Crafts & Decor to sell the beautiful quilts we've created. See the selection HERE.


Our Staff

Since moving into the new storefront and Wendy's dive into full-time professional longarm quilting, Crispin Studios has grown so much we've hired another quilter!

Meet Louise Johnsen, our newest longarm quilting assistant.

Louise grew up on a farm in Minnesota where her grandmother taught her how to sew at the age of 10. In no time, she was sewing clothes for herself and her family. This love and skill stayed with her -- in fact, she still has her grandmother's sewing machine.

As an adult, she moved into quilting with her domestic machine but found she needed something more for her larger quilt projects which led her into longarm quilting.

Louise is passionate about helping you complete your quilt and works alongside Wendy to expand the services offered, as well as decrease turn-around times.

We are happy to have Louise on our staff!

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