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Longarm Quilting Services

Crispin Studios specializes in longarm quilting services and offers both edge-to-edge quilting and custom quilting. We use a computerized Gammill quilting machine with a speedy turn-around time of 2-4 weeks depending upon the project.

We know our customers appreciate knowing the cost estimation up front, and you can use this information to help guide you as you prepare your quilt top. 


Minimum quilting costs start at just $52.00 for the smallest quilt sizes but are typically calculated per square inch. The minimum charge covers the loading and unloading of fabric as well as the software set-up.

Pricing starts at $0.027 per square inch and is dependent on the pattern density and choice and trimming is always complimentary.

Communication is important to us, as we know it is for you, too. If we come across any complications during the project, we’ll be sure to contact you and talk through options.

Additional Services
Edge to Egde green and purple quilt.jpeg
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Edge-to-Edge Quilting

Edge to Edge quilting uses an all-over quilting design (pantograph), stitched row by row to complete your quilt with a repeating pattern.


Cost per square inch is determined by the inches between quilting.


  • 2.7 cents /sq. inch — No more than 3 inches between quilting

  • 3.0 cents /sq. inch — No more than 1.5 inches between quilting

  • 3.4 cents /sq. inch — No more than 3/4 of an inch between quilting

  • 5 cents /sq. inch — tight, condensed stitching


For example, if your quilt is 80" x 90", your square inches are 7200. 


Now let's calculate the cost:

7200 x $0.027 = $194.40 for edge-to-edge loose quilting.

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Custom Quilts

Custom quilting is when 2 or more different designs are used to complete your quilt.

Quilting every aspect of your quilt separately (border, inner border, blocks, and sashing) is a custom quilt. 

Quilting the borders of your quilt separate from the center design is also considered a custom quilt.


The intricacy of design and the number of starts and stops determines the pricing for each project. Because of this, there is extra turnaround time for custom work. 


Here are some general guidelines to use as an estimate.

  • 8 - 10 cents /sq. inch — depending on the complexity of the design

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Additional Services



​Need your quilt sooner than the regular turn-around time? Use our rush service with a typical 1-Week turnaround time.

  • Submitted Jan - Oct +$100

  • Submitted Nov - Dec +$200




At times, there may be situations that require extra time. These are priced starting at $40 per hour.


Here are some examples, although not a complete list, these difficult items may incur an extra service charge.


  • Center quilt on backing 

  • Use of Minky or other stretchy fabrics 

  • Piecing

  • Fixing seams

  • Ironing

  • Excess thread and string removal

  • Excessive border easing

  • Thread color change

Ready to Complete Your Quilt?


Batting, Backing, and Binding,

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Quilt Batting is the middle of your quilt sandwich and is the insulation layer for your quilt.  


Crispin Studios provides high-quality batting at a very competitive price for customers to purchase.


This saves you time (and if you’re mailing, postage!) and you receive a great rate so there is no need to provide your own. 


We offer the following batting options with prices listed per yard, but can be sold in smaller increments. 

100% COTTON - 1/8" loft, 3-5% shrinkage

  • Natural Supreme 96" $22/yd

  • Natural 96" wide $13/yd       

  • Natural 120" wide  $14/yd 

80/20 COTTON WOOL - 1/8" loft, 3-5% shrinkage

  • Natural 96" wide $19/yd


80/20 COTTON/POLY BLEND - 1/8" loft, 3-5% shrinkage

  • Black 108" wide  $14/yd      

  • Natural 96" $13/yd

  • Bleached 108" $14/yd


BAMBOO - 1/8" loft, 34% bamboo, 33% rayon, 33% cotton, 3-5% shrinkage  

  • Natural 96" wide  $17/yd

WOOL - 1/4" loft, 3-5% shrinkage 

  • Natural 108" wide  $19/yd

SILK - 1/8" loft, 3-5% shrinkage  

  • Natural 96" wide  $28/yd

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Quilt backing is the bottom layer of your quilt sandwich and can be made from large cuts of fabric.


Quilting cotton is the most popular option, but quilt backing can be made from linen, flannel, minky, and fleece.


Creating your quilt backing with the proper size is very important.


Your backing should be a minimum of 3 inches larger than your quilt top, all the way around.


A great tip when choosing a backing: think about your thread color and pick a backing that will match or compliment it. 


Solid colors will show every stitch even if the thread color matches. This can be very beautiful and show off your stitching design as texture! 


When choosing a backing with print, think about overall balance.


Does the front already have a lot of different prints and colors? Then maybe consider a more solid color backing.


Or are there only two solid colors on your quilt top? Then a print backing would make a nice compliment to that.

We have in-house options to purchase and can even make suggestions if you’d like.


Overall, a quilt is a piece of creative artwork that belongs to you. And we’re here to finish your vision!

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Quilt Binding frames the edge of the quilt and encapsulates all the raw edges.


We will trim the edges of the quilt and bind it together to complete your quilt.


Binding is cut and machine sewn on both sides.


Priced at an hourly rate of $40, these are estimates based on size. 


  •  400+ inches  +$200

  •  361 - 399 inches  +$160

  •  321 - 360 inches  +$140

  •  181 - 320 inches  +$120

  •  under 181 inches  +$80

Curved and beaded binding are also available. Curved starts at $160; Beaded starts at $240.

Kind Words About Our Work on This Very Custom Quilt

"Short version: this place is awesome."


[Long version]

"I had a tattered, 40-year-old quilt made by my grandma. The thing was in pieces. Wendy had us over to see what she could do. She believed she could salvage some of the squares, and so she presented us with a couple of options: she could make a smaller quilt with the salvaged squares, or she could integrate those squares with other mementos we would provide to fashion another grand quilt. And we were off.


Something to know: Wendy loves this stuff. My grandma’s quilt was two steps from being consigned to the rag pile, but Wendy only saw the work and creativity that originally went into it. She commented on every piece of fabric and every unusual decision made 40 years ago. We felt okay letting her run with it.


We gave Wendy a bag of shirts and baby clothes and masks and headbands. The final result is pictured here. You can see the squares from the original quilt alongside pieces from a pillowcase and an infant hoodie. Wendy was so excited to show us what she’d made, and to tell us how much fun she had with some of the pieces. This thing even has pockets.


We’re happy with everything Wendy did for us. We have my grandma’s quilt put together with mementos from our own lives. Our kid never misses an opportunity to climb under the quilt for reading or a movie night.


Thanks, Wendy, for being great at what you do."

 ~ Aaron

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